How to give label dynamically?

Hi All,

Is there any way to keep the label dynamically based on some conditions. 

ex: if(true , "label1","label2")



Yes. Go to Expression Editor and make your if condition.

There are a few things you can't do dynamically (like setting the default button) but in most of the cases is easy to change properties.

Is this Label you're asking?

Hi Rokey,

Also you can use IF widget in place of expression if you want to use two different labels.

Hello Rocky

If you are talking about the label widget, you have 2 options like Nuno and Narendra said
1) in the value property type if(<your condition>,<True value>,<False value>)

2) use and if widget, set the condition, put one label in the true branch and another label in the false branch



Oh.. All thanks, Thanks for replying.

I want to change label for workflow activities. 

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