I was wondering if there is a way to reference the hover property CSS in the extended properties of a container? I basically want my input parameter in the webblock to define the colour when I hover over the webblock but not sure what the best way to go around it is.

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The best approach you could take is to use an expression in which you write the css instead.

In an expression you can use a variable, while in the CSS editor you can't.
Also, hover isn't actually a property, it's a pseudo class.

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I also thought this was possible, but a little research teach me the contrary.
:hover does not work in "inline" style.

If the number of colors is somewhat limited, you can create different classes, and in the extended properties instead of color, you dynamically set the class

= MyInputClass + "anyotherfixedclasshere"

Or if you REALLY need to use the color you will have to use JavaScript to do it :)

Eduardo Jauch