search parameter in styleguide causing errors

search parameter in styleguide causing errors

I use the tablerecords_search screen from the styleguide. Everything seems to work fine until I scroll through the records or use the sort mechanism. Every once in a while the table turns empty. Clicking the sort column or previous and next buttons will populate the table again.

If I remove the search parameter from the queries everything works fine. The search itself works fine too but just every second or third time you press a button which refreshes the screen the preparation queries seem to return no rows. Using the debugger all parameters seem to be correctly populated.

I would appreciate any suggestions.
I'm not really sure if this can be the case, but it might be related to not having a default button on your web screen.

This means that in IE, if you press the keyboard key Enter when you have the cursor in the search input the page will reload without state. This is a small issue in the platform that will be fixed in a future version.

The simple workaround for now is setting the Default property of the Search Button widget to Yes.

Hope this helps.
Tiago Simões
Unfortunately this does not solve the problem.

If I debug the session it seems to go through all the right actions except the quries do not return any rows.

Actually I tried the template itself end entered one user record. The sorted table record with search has the same problem. When you click the name header to sort the column a few times the table retuns no rows every once in a while ?
Hello Maarten

Which browser are you using when you observe this behavior? Is it Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox?...

I have been trying to replicate your problem with the 3 mentioned browsers and I was unable to do it, so we would really appreciate the additional information.

Could you tell us which revision of the OutSystems Platform you have installed? You can check that by accessing Service Center and clicking the About link at the bottom; you will see a version number like 4.x.y.z. Please let us know what is the number.

With best regards,

Acácio Porta Nova, Jr.

I am using windows vista and IE7 with java version 1.4.2.
The Outsystems version is

The sorted records with multiline filters does not have this problem althoug I expect the code behind this screen to be practically the same.
Hello Maarten

Are you using XSP or IIS as your application server?
I am using XSP.