[Human Readable Change History] Someone show me a basic use case and implementation please?

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Published on 28 Jan (3 weeks ago) by Johan den Ouden
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Published on 28 Jan (3 weeks ago) by Johan den Ouden

A user interacting with a simple form with save function. Then show how this component is integrated and used to show the changes the user has made. 

Hello Xavier

When you use this component, you should call the RecordDifferences Action.

As inputs you should send:

1) the original record and the updated record (you should use the ToObject() built-in function for this

2) the name of the table you are editing: "Table Name"

3) a comma separated list of attributes  you want the action to ignore: "Attribute1, Attribute2, Attribute3, etc"

4) the locale i.e. the language. For example for portuguese you should send "pt-PT", for english "en-EN"

The RecordDifferences then returns a text with all the changes it registered,  for example "Field A changed from X to Y"

Bear in mind that the text that appears in "Field A" is the label of attribute A

Any further questions you might have, feel free to ask




What is this for?



Hi Indra. Could you create another discussion with this new question? That would be better to keep the forums organised and searchable.

Go to the support tab on the forge component, and start a new discussion.