Service Center publish failed with error code 113

Service Center publish failed with error code 113

Hi! i'm trying to install the express edition on Windows Vista. The following error as acorrued:

"Service Center publish failed with error code 113"

This installation has some peculiar settings. I don't have the computer connected to the internet so i've download the file and then copied it to the other computer.

Is this problem related with the absence of internet connection or because the install file wasn't downloaded to the computer were i'm installing outsystems?

Any help would be apreciated.

Thanks in advance!
Hi João

Please check your Express installation log for more details about this error. The installation log is located under the Installer subdirectory of your installation folder. By default, for a installation in the c:\Program Files\OutSystems folder, you may find the log in C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Installer\Logs\ExpressInstall.log. Please check the latest lines just before the error code 113 occurred.You can post here those last lines.

Some reports with the same error appears to be license related. Can you check, after starting your XSP/IIS service, that the URL http://localhost/ServiceCenter is available? Can you login the Service Center?