How to add OnBeforeRequest and OnAfterRequest methods in consumed REST API


I have consumed REST API and want to add OnBeforeRequest and OnAfterRequest methods but not able to see those options. 

Please let me know how do I add these methods?

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

Hello Suraj,

Please refer page 16th of this exercise:

Hope this helps :)

Thanks and Regards,
Atul Patel


In the logic tab scroll down to REST and select the consumed webservice (not the method but the top level one).
In the right bottom of your screen (properties tab) you can see a few settings, under the advanced header you can find on before/after request methods, which you can add by pressing the dropdown arrow and selecting to add a new method.

I agree this could be done easier, by right clicking or something like that, hope this helps!


Thanks Atul.

Hi Claring,

It was that much easy.

Actually I was right clicking on the consumed method and was looking for these options.

Yes Outsystems should provide these options. Thanks.


Suraj Borade