IsLoadingScreen() problem!

IsLoadingScreen() problem!

Hi all!

I'm writing this topic to get some help in a simple problem that is happening in my application. It's quite simple:

I have a textbox inside a table records, which permits the user to insert values in every row that is loaded in the preparation. So, everything is dynamic!

I check with an if condition in the preparation to see if it's a loading screen. If not, it doesn't do anything. The problem is when the user makes a mistake inserting in the text boxes a wrong value that I check myself and then the screen is cleared, situation that I didn't want to happen. That is, the inserted value, correct or wrong, should be there and not disappear.

I checked with my colleagues to see if I was doing something wrong, but everything seems to be ok!

You anyone could give me an hand, thanks!
Hi Tiago,

the TableRecord widget always loads the list from the source record and that is why you lose the previous values. I've attached a simple example that persists the values. You basically need to assign query=tablerecord.list when not loading a screen.
Thanks! It worked! ;)