Hi everyone,

 We are currently having a problem with one of our applications on one specific user's device, a solution for it would be to:

1- safely retrieve the data from the device ( via USB)

2- Delete the app from the device.

3- Reinstall app and see if it works again.

 Problem is we are not sure how to just access the phone's data from the app so we can copy it, is it even possible?

Hi Guilherme,

What do you mean by "access the phone's data from the app"? Do you mean to access the app's data that's stored on the phone, i.e. its local storage?

Hi Kilian,

 From that I mean that I want to acess the data created by Outsystems in the device, for example via connecting the phone to a laptop via a cable and retrieving the data from the phone!

kind regards

Ok, so that's the local storage. Good question, I think that's device (or at least operating system) dependent (on iOS it'll be different than on Android).

I googled a bit, and I found this and this for Android. 

Hi Killian, 

 Thanks for the help, I will take a look and see if i can use these links as a solution!

Kind regards!

Ok, cool, let us know whether you found a solution.