Prefer nickname in forums/forge display inconsistency

There seems to be a non-critical bug, but it is a bit of an inconsistency. 

The issue is that I have selected to "display my nickname instead of my full name" under my OutSystems profile.

It works fine for the most part, but on the component details page on the forge is where the inconsistency lies. As you can see in the image below the latest version published displays the nickname, as preferred. The detailed version list below that, however, displays the full name, which in my case is not what I opted for.

Good Catch...:)

Also, when you receive an e-mail with a notification for a topic you're following on the forum, the full name displays instead of the nick (or at least it used to, don't know if it was fixed).


Hi all,

this issue was fixed. Please let me know if you still find some inconsistency.

Thank you