Timer functionally

Timer functionally


I 'd like to know more about of Timer functionally,
in specific I'd like to know what happen if i've got a timer executing and run the same timer again,

I have a feeling that the timer is just scheduled to wake in the next time only when the current execution ends.

Am I correct?

Thanks in advance.
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Gabriel Santos
Hi Gabriel. What do you mean by "running the same timer again": using the "Run Now" feature in Service Center or invoking the Wake<Timer> action in your business logic?

Either way, both features do basically the same: Set the timer's next run property to "Now". So you're right, there is only one execution of each timer running at any given time (to be precise there is also a limitation regarding the number of simultaneous timers allowed - you can configure this setting using the OutSystems Configuration Tool).

If you're trying to have some kind of parallel processing you could always consider having more than one timer running the same "User action" and waking them all.