I have a form that collects user input and also 3 excels files.After user keying all the input and upload all the 3 excels,they will click submit button.

My questions is

1.Does i need to have 3 upload button to handle 3 excels files?

Hi johnson,

We have Multiple File Upload forge component. Allow you to upload multiple files in one upload.


Hi Hitesh and all,

Besides, i have  question to ask also

1.After user click submit button, a booking id is generated and saved to the database.I need to tie the bookingId together with the uploaded file.How can I retrieve the BookingId after it is saved?


Hi Johnson,

Please, try to avoid toing multiple different questions in the same topic. Makes difficult to others to search it.

Regarding the question in the topic, as far as I remember, the upload widget will have the content file on submit (must be submit, not ajax submit). If you have multiple file uploads, all of them will have the content of the files you selected (if I remember well). It's a matter of doing a small test to check it ;)



Also, if you didn't, please, do the online training.

And remember to mark the answer that is the correct one for your initial question to make easier to others to search the forum.

P.S. the Create and CreateOrUpdate entity actions return as output the identifier that was created when you save a new record in database.


Eduardo Jauch


Hi Eduardo,