Importing the Excel file mantaining the stored id

Importing the Excel file mantaining the stored id

Hi everyone,

I'm having some problems importing data from excel to my outsystems application.
I have people and CVs. Every CV belongs to one person, one person can have more than one CV.
I have exported all the information into two Excel sheets.
After I delete all the People and CVs in the aplication, I have tryed to import those two excel sheets,
first the people, and then the CVs.
Instead of using the (People) ids stored in the excel sheet, the program has created new ids. And all the foreign keys
from the CV, couldn't match the new people ids.

How can I import files, mantaining the ids stored in the excel file?

- If I change the id to autonumber = false, I will have one error.
- If I use the expression createOrUpload, it will create a new expression, it seems that when the program uploads the excel file, doesn't uppload the id.

Best Regards,
Hi Gonçalo,

One way is keeping the id autonumber, and adding attributes for keeping track of external identifiers.

For example, if you have on your excel:
- Id = 20
- PeopleName = (...)

This would translate into an Entity record with these attributes:
- Id = (autonumber)
- External_Id = 20
- PeopleName = (...)

When importing the CV table, you would use the 'people' external id for finding the correct record.