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Published on 2015-11-24 by Hélio Dolores
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Published on 2015-11-24 by Hélio Dolores

Hi Helio,

Was trying to put up the chat and setup. I managed to create a node.js server on Heroku. Sending the files to the server also succeeded. Build also succeeds.

However I get an error message when I access the application:

Application error

An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. If you are the application owner, check your logs for details.

I followed your advice on a different topic as well, but that did not solve the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



Seems like the Procfile was incorrectly refering to the index.js

So it is working now!


Hi Shahin,

Sorry for the late reply.. I'm glad you were able to overcome the issue.


Hi Hélio,

thanks for the reply. I managed to get the chat up, however when I click on the contact list, the bar is not popping up. Not sure what is happening there. Also the page has gained a large white section after the footer. 

Hi again,

Do you have any errors on the console?

The footer part should be some kind of CSS conflict with your page theme.

Yes this is what the error says:

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).tooltipster is not a function

caused by this part of the code:


    content: $( '<span>' + $('#LiverpoolTheme_wt11_block_WebPatterns_wt19_block_wt4_wt38_wtTooltipContent').html() + '</span>' ),
    trigger: 'hover',
    position: 'top',
    maxWidth: '400',
    theme: 'tooltip_style'

Can you try the Chat App in a blank module?  This error appears to be unrelated to the chat application and I would try this way first and then to integrate it to the app.

Seems the server is also crashing due to a javascript error. I attached the part of the log here

Hi Shahin,

Unfortunately this message alone is not enough for me to understand what's happening.

Can you provide more information? Like the complete log, the message that breaks the server, etc..