I've had a quick look but couldn't find a reference to this issue.

If I'm using a Javascript Widget and comment out a line of code which contains the $ prefix, then OutSystems still interprets that line of code.  For example, in the following 2 lines I've not yet set up a parameter named playInState... or defined an Action name PlayAudioOnClick.

//var audState = $parameters.playInState;


Maybe I don't want to set them up yet... or I've changed my mind and just want to comment them out.

However, OutSystems TrueChange reports "Unknown 'PlayAudioOnClick' action used in..."

The only way around this is to remove the $, which I'm not that happy doing, because I keep forgetting to put it back.  Should a commented line still be parsed?



Hi David,

this sounds like a bug indeed. I'll report it to the OutSystems Dev team. 

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga

I'd like to walk through the flow of reporting issues to OutSystems... how do I report an issue to the development team?




In service studio you can report it via the "submit feedback" in the help-menu.


Thanks... appreciated... done.

Perhaps you can try to use /* */ to comment instead?
I haven't tested this but it might just work.

Thanks... I did try that after I found that lines with // were still being parsed... same results.