Error with - Unkown object 'LoginBackgroundSample' used in 'SocialLogin' Style Sheet.

Hi, How can I change the background source of the login pattern? to my own file?

I am currently getting the following error: -(See Enclosed images)
Unkown object 'LoginBackgroundSample' used in 'SocialLogin' Style Sheet.

And is it ok to directly copy and paste it from the Silk UI Mobile Samples to my project or should I be importing it or loading samples in a different way?


Lee Adams
Design Director

Hi Lee,

You can try to put the URL between double quotes. 

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga


Hi Zapptaa,

Your image should be imported into the Images folder in the Interface layer:

The url to put on the css should be the RuntimePath property of the image.




Thanks, guys I will give it ago.. Thanks for your help..