Hi Guys,

I've an ASP.net REST Webservice that returns a query resultset and would like to create a Webservice in Service Studio to consume it, so I'm looking for the best way to do this and if there a sample that I can follow?

Or if changing the .Net WS to create a file instead and then create a Service studio WS to consume it?

Thanks Guys   

Hi John,

In here, you have a guided exercise on how to consume a REST web service:


Let us know if that is enough.



Yes I've seen that, but what confusing me the exercise is the term REST API, what what's that API key and where is it coming from !? why not just saying "create, expose or consume REST webservice" why are they talking about example  "Consume REST API"!?

To what I know API is a tool, and do we always need API key with REST WS? would't the URL be enough?


Ah I see, API in this example never mind. the challenge for me is use the same REST WS to return a list of all movies instead in a list record instead of only one record.

I'll see how we go. 


A webservice is usually a type of API, but an API is not always a webservice, if that makes sense.
People often confuse that an API is always a webservice.

In outsystems if you go to the logic tab and down to integrations -> REST, if you click on Consume you can enter an url (to where your webservice is located). If you click the test button it will automatically generate a result structure for you (however you might need to add some input data)