Return result to display only five records and the rest hide


It is possible to show only some records and then hide the remaining records.

For example, aggregate return us 20 records, i want to show only 5 records and hide the remaining records and then put a show more link that allow user to view all records, how can this be achieved?


Hi Jace Jace,

Are we talking about a web app or a mobile app?

In general you should limit the Aggregate to the number of records you want to display. Then when the user clicks "more", retrieve from the database the other records and refresh the Table Records (web).


Hi Jace,

Yes you can, Add one integer variable and go to the table records properties where you will find Line Count, set Line Count to that variable you added. Assign variable value = 5 at preparation. It will display 5 record by default when page is loaded. Then add a link "Show more..." and assign variable value to TableRecords1.LineCount and refresh the table record container. It will work.  



You can achieve this using Ajax Scroll forge component.

This link will help you 

Before answer this question, it's important to understand why you want the "hiding elements" behavior .

In normal situations, we would try to only get a subset of data from the database (your 5 records), to avoid extra data exchange and also to use the "TOP" or Rownum Optimizations in the SQL. When needed, you would make another request to the DB for the records that you really need. Don't forget that, in that way, you are also avoiding the increasing page size of your Doc. For your scenario of 20 records, the impact is minimal but it can create performance problems when dealing with more data (E.g.: 1.000.000 records to show 20).