Hi there and thank you for your attention,

my name is Andrea. I am in a german bowling club (Kegeln) and want to create a mobile app for our club that depicts statistical data over the bowling night in a simple visualized way showing only sorted values (only one chart, a pie chart depicting a sum on a separate single slide/page).

I would like to present and build this app with a programmer and exchange knowledge. As a psychotherapist I could psychoeducate you about interested topics in behavioural psychotherapy. I could also offer you german lessons (speaking and helping you with assignments in german).

I don't think the mobile app will take too long to create - correct me if I am wrong - as it has only 3 main pages/tabs:

1. Attendance Check (who is there? implement data on page/tab 2 and or 3)

  - Preselected Values, that simply need to be checked/unchecked (members and two integer values)

  - Add guest members

2. Assign values to members (who has to pay for what? implement data on page/tab 3)

  - flowchart character: 1. "Select present member" --> 2. "Select Value Category" --> 3. "Implement Integer" or "Safety Question" (Save? Yes / No)

  - on final click actions: a) save plus save message, b) implement data to page/tab 3, c) go to 1. "Select present members"

3. Statistics (depict sum of all or single value categories for all or single members)

  - 1 slide menu: value category

  - Dependent on selected value category, show a) sum and or b) amount and or c) slope/average per member (or in the case of all payments: pie chart)

  - Sort list by a) best player or b) biggest contributer

  - What do I mean with slope/average: I think this is a complicated one. I want to depict,how fast values for a given category are added per member (e.g.: What is the distribution of the assigned values - total or selected category - during the bowling night?). I assume that the longer the night takes the more often punishments are distributed in total (all members per category or for all categories) and per member (all categories or selected categories).

I can communicate via Skype or TeamView.

Looking forward hearing from you!



Hello Andrea, have you had any help for you project?

Hey Pedro,

Doug_inVA asked me, too. No one has replied except the two of you.

Currently I am trying to teach me to programm an app via the OutSystemCourses on their webpage.



Hey! Being a simple app, that's what I would suggest. Still, if you need some kind of explanation, please reach out!

Will do! Thanks for dropping bye!