Problem with combo box

platform version: 10.0.707.0  (on premises)

I have a table records fed by SQL. I also have a combo box that has two values X and Y (text values) that is used to perform searches in the table. The combo box has assigned a session variable and the source entity, assigned to the combo box, is a static entity which has only two values X and Y. The session variable has an identifier datatype (connected with the static entity). In SQL, there are 3 input variables, two of them are assigned to the 

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And the third is assigned to the session variable (identifier connected with the static entity). 

Whenever I set the X value in the combo box and perform a search, it delivers the correct result only appearing all the X in the table records. Same goes for Y.  

If we click in one particular X we can see details about that particular X (it will be forwarded to a new webpage). The problem is whenever we come back to the previous page (where we perform the search) the combo box is set always to Y and not X. But the list in the table records shows the X values correctly.  If we click in one particular Y we can see details about that particular Y. However if we come back to the previous page... the combo box is set to X and not Y, nevertheless the list shows correctly the Y values...  It is strange because the combo box is set to a session variable that shouldn't change! 

Hi Jorge,

There should be a logic in Preparation or setting default value of session variable need to check it carefully.

If you can share your oml then I can check it at my end.



What Shashi said, without an OML it's difficult to determine what might go wrong.

well, no default value was set for the session variable (it is blank). So it should be something in the preparation... but at first sight everything seems ok. I cannot disclose the oml.. I will reevaluate the preparation to see what could be. I'll be back later. Thanks to both! 

I have set the SESSION.VARIABLE in the preparation to be the X, and in spite of being set to X, it appears the Y in the combo box!! And the combox box is assigned to this session.variable. There is nothing more in the preparation that changes this value. 


thanks. it is working now. there were some mistakes in the preparation I rectified. :)