Popup that shows full screen

I have a popup that the first time it is called it displays full screen instead of the parameters I've given it.  I've set width to 600px and height to 400px. I set AutoResize to False.  One thing I do that is out of the ordinary is that I have two sections inside the popups.  In the start I ask a yes/no question and if the client answers yes.  It hides the question and shows a couple inputs and a button.  Has anyone had this issue before? If so, what did you do to solve it.?

Hello James,

What do you mean by "full screen"? You mean, like if it was a normal page?

If it is that the case, you should check if this "first time you open the popup, the popup editor is present.

If the popup editor is not present, because any condition you have that prevents the system of include it in html, the page will be called as a normal page.

You can check this looking at the address bar of the browser. A popup does not change the address, you keep in the same page from where the popup is called, as it is opened inside an iframe.

If the address changes, it is because you are navigating away of the page. In this case the popup editor is not present, or its JavaScript is not working, usually because some other script malfunction in the page.  I already saw a wrong use of select2 to silently stop JavaScript in the page from working.


Eduardo Jauch