Use of screen on iPhone X

Use of screen on iPhone X


I just tested my app on the new iPhone X and noticed that my mobile app does not use the full height of the screen real estate at all, see attachment, unused area annotated in red. I am using Silk UI mobile and expected that the app would automatically use the full available height on a device. What can I do to resolve this? It looks like somewhere the full screen height is set to 647px, How and where?

This attachment shows the iPhone X viewport problem even better: screen is not fully used, black bands on the top and bottom.

Hello Denis!

I have the same screen problem in my mobile application, on iPhone X the application does not get full screen (exactly the same error that is happening in the image that you uploaded). 

Have you solved this problem yet? 

If not, does Outsystems have any solutions to this situation?

Best regards.

No, I have not been able to solve it. I submitted a support case. Outsystems has promised a patch in February.

Hello guys, we are having some problem with our apps, and also been promised a patch soon.

i noticed BPI app already solved the issue, I wonder if with outsystems patch or by themselves. 

Does anyone have any news on this?



Hi, guys,

have there been any news on this? This is causing issues with the pull to refresh because if your fingers slips into the black band at the bottom, it remains open. 



An iPhone X fix was scheduled for mid-February but I have not seen anything yet.