How to Mitigate this Forge Risk?

Hi, i am wondering if my earlier platform can smoothly work with this Forge component, say it Select2. Then i upgrade the platform version,. Unfortunately, I got this warning:

The question is how to mitigate this risk, as much time i just use the component, not anticipating to the next platform version.




Hi I Box,

You need to get a version of the component for the correct platform version (you can find other versions on the Versions tab of the Forge page for the component). If none exists for your platform version, contact the forge component's team to see if they can provide you with one, or if the component behaves correctly in your version of the platform (typically given enough time, they will update the forge component with a new version compatible with a more recent version of the platform).

If all else fails... "force install" the component and test it. In most cases updating to a new platform doesn't have a relevant impact on existing components, unless they are using some feature/bug that was broken/fixed/modified in a later platform version.