IT Asset Manager vs. Windows Vista


So, I have the Outsystems Express platform on a Windows Server 2003 machine, and I have a Windows XP Workstation and two Windows Vista machines (a Laptop and a MediaCenter).

ITAM detects all four computers, but it keeps saying that my vista machines are firewalled and, therefor can't show all the information. From what I gathered by looking at the machine's detail page, the only thing missing is the IP address on the network information tab. It's not a big problem, I can get used to it... but I was just wondering if anyone else experienced with this particular situation?

Oh, also, the same information kept being displayed after I enabled the Remote Admin exception... same thing happened when I actually disabled my windows vista firewall.

Hugo Sousa
Hi Hugo,

Not really sure if this is related but Windows Vista uses the new IPv6 protocol. There might be an issue with IT Asset Manager extension with the support for this protocol.
Tiago Simões
Both Windows Vista machines are connected with IPv4 addresses.