[Simple Reports With PDF] Scroll to top problem

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Published on 2017-01-05 by Huarlem Lima
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Published on 2017-01-05 by Huarlem Lima


I am using the Html2PdfConverter together with SimpleReportsWithPDF and I have encountered a problem while using it.

When we click a button to generate the PDF we get a popup screen with the preview for that PDF where we have also the download button. We are using the webblocks from SimpleReportsWithPDF and when we use it in a simple page that contains only a table the popup is scrolled on top of the page and we also get redirected there.

The problem is when we tried to use it in a page that has multiple sections and in that case the popup is opened somehow on a random position about the center of the page. I have also attached a gif with this behavior.

We are not sure if it might be a RichWidgets (for Popup screen) problem or it is related to the javascript inside SimpleReportsWithPDF webblocks.