REST API with 2 input parameters in body - Is this limitation of outsystems?


I need to consume REST API with POST method. It needs to be sent 3 parameters in header and 2 parameters in body.

Header part is ok.

In body's first parameter I need to send large amount of JSON and in second parameter I need to send pdf file.

While I am adding 2 parameters to be sent in body, it's giving me this error.

I am not able to send 2 parameters in body for REST API with POST method. I can only send one parameter in body and that is also of binary type. Is this the really limitation of Outsystems?

Thanks and Regards,

Suraj Borade

To be more clear, I want to pass input like this in body as I am doing in postman.

OutSystems REST only supports responses with JSON as body. If you need to do something else, you need to implement some logic in the OnBeforeRequest.


Hi Sir,

This is not the limitation of Outsystems. You can send JSON as well as binary data to REST through body.

 I am trying to consume and use multipart REST web service. This web service needs to create a record at SAP side. Inputs required for this from Outsystems application are large JSON data and pdf file. 

But now I have resolved this issue. I am sending all request body in binary format by concatenating JSON data and file data. I will soon publish a component for how to consume multipart webservices in outsystems.


Suraj Borade