Acess Entity from another App without adding as a Dependency

Hello guys,

I need some help in this.

I have a Web App with an entity there for Users (not the default one).

I have created another App and I need to access those lines in the entity.

I don’t want to add that entity as a Dependency because maybe that webapp will be deleted, but I still want to access the content in that table of the database.

My idea was using the integration studio, adding the default database as an external database, is this possible? Do you have another way to do it?

Many thanks,

Nelson Mendes

Hi Nelson,

It technically could be possible to use Integration Studio, but you definitelly don't want to take that road.

The problems are multiple, one of them is that the physical table names generated by the platform are not 100% deterministic. This means that, when you push your apps from Dev to Test to Prod, your extension will plausibly no longer point at the right physical table name.

Not only that, as soon as you delete the entity-owner web app (as you propose to maybe do), if you ever run DBCleaner (for example) that entity risks being physically deleted.

For all of this, the whole thing sounds like a terrible idea. I suggest you reference the Entity as per normal.


Hi Nelson,

You can expose the API in the App where entity exists to access the data from that entity and you need to consume this API in second APP in this way you can access the data of entity which is belong in other application or other espace.



Decoupling via REST is definitely an option, it has the pro of being a very SOA approach. But it does have the cons of

  1. You can't use queries on those entities
  2. You then DEFINITELY cannot delete the application :)