Timer Warning


I'd like to know, about timers, what means the ALARM Message:

"Hub Node localhost OutSystems Scheduler Service Status: Warning: Job Worker is in status Processing for more than 600 seconds" ...

...does that mean anything critical to the system, or does it have any impact on application performance ?

Because I have one timer that perform the data migration from old tables to new tables, and the
run time of this timer is about 2 hours, because I have a lot of data, so each time that I perform the migration, I have
this ALERT MESSAGE on the General Log, and if I go to Online Monitoring in Service Center, I perceive that there is
a exclamation point on the Scheduler column. So, I would like to know what exactly means that ALARM message
and if is there any problem in a timer to execute more than 10 minutes ?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,

Gabriel Santos
Hi Gabriel

This warning is just a generic informational message alerting the fact that the timer is running for more than 10 minutes. Although it doesn't directly tells you that there's a performance issue on the server, in scenarios where the timer should run in less time, it helps identify that something maybe wrong with it.

Obviously, if you have a timer that always take more than 2 hours to run, this warning means practically nothing. Although, I would recommend avoiding timers with long durations, and instead, allow the timer to run several times sequentially. This would allow more than a single web request to the IIS server processing the timer, which in case of failure, the OutSystems Scheduler service will have to wait until the defined timer timeout is reached. For a 2 hour timer, its also the maximum time the Scheduler has to wait to recover the timer in case of failure.

If you have 10 to 20 minute runs of the same timer, with shorter timeouts, the time spent waiting for recovering the timer in case of failure will be much less. Obviously, the application logic will have to be prepared to this timer architecture.

Hope this information is helpful.