Menu with more than 1 level and silk UI

I found 2 interesting menus in the forge. I would like to know:

1) if they are responsive like silk ui and

2) if silk ui can implement more than 1 level menu.

With a 2nd level menu my application (that use Vanilla theme) will be simpler and I would not like to loose the responsiveness because it can work normally on mobile and tablet devices.

I tried to add the widget DropDownMenu into a MenuSubItems but it did not work well.

Menu Jquery (IJ) -

JQuery Menu - 

Hi, SilkUI can have 2 level menu.

Go to menu block, in Widget Tree pane, right click on 1 of DropDownMenu, then Display Mode -> Show All Placeholder.

Sub Menu placeholder will appear, and you can drag and drop a screen to this sub menu.

Hi Harlin,

  thank you for your answer.  For me this is level 1 of menu because you can add options in the menu. I need a level 2 menu where I can add a nested menu.

You can suppose this is level 3 in your analogy. The other forge menus are able to do this leveling.