How to publish a module from command-line or other automation tool?

Hi colleagues,

I have the following challenge: before any deployment I need to re-publish all the modules in some predefined order. To do it manually is quite tedious. Can I create some script with these instructions and run it from command-line or some application?

I found something similar in this post: 

but this is not actually what I need.

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Hi Roman,

As far as I know, there is no command line tool to publish a module.
Service Studio has some options that you can use on open it, but SS is not a command line tool. And I don't know if there is documentation on those features.

But you have the Lifetime Deployment API.

I would say this is the best shot for implementing things like CI at this moment, if you want to do something by yourself.

There is also this application/component in Forge:

But I never used it.

Eduardo Jauch

I came across this thread, I know it's old, looking to do exactly this same thing. If anyone is wondering about this in January 2019, there still exists, as far as my research has concluded, no way to automatically republish all consumers in an environment in an automated fashion.

Our best idea at this stage is to automate it with web scraping. If there are other ideas, please share them. It's a hurdle for us as we have so many modules and dependencies that we have to publish all consumers first.