Debating on free version to start

Hello, I am with a very small company of 37 employees but growing. We are in search of a tool to combine our task management, crm, and resource scheduling as well as automate some workflows in terms of approval routing etc.  No out of the box solutions fits our company model and we have tried many. Outsystems seems like it could allow me to create what I need. 


But, it is cost prohibitive right now. How dangerous is it to start with the free version? Is the data backed up? Can I add users?


Once it is up and running and I can eliminate the other applications reducing our current spend I think we could get to the point where we could upgrade. 


But I dont want to get hurt going into the free version first. 


Hi Ivan.

1. No, data is not "backuped" (as far as I know). You have to generate a way to backup data yourself (exporting to excel or sending to external databases).
2. You can add up to 100 application users, but only a single (or two, I think) IT user (developer).
3. You have only 2GB of data storage (for both data and code, I think, but not sure here). You can integrate with external databases, but probably this will have a performance impact and will require extra maintenance.
4. At any moment, your environment can be shut down, without warning, for any number of reasons. No guarantees in the Free Environment.
5. You can't move applications done in personal to other personal environments or enterprise environment, and vice-versa, without OutSystems help.

While you CAN use the free environment to hold "commercial" applications, unless you can cope with the characteristics above, I wouldn't recommend. 

Eduardo Jauch


Thanks yea if the data is not protected I would not want to yet. Single developer, just me!

Thanks for the response.