Show local variable value on text box

Hi, i have a string variable (CountryName) which i collect in a pop up page.I mange to pass the string variable to the main page through NotifyGetMessage and it can be read in the main page.

The issue that i am facing is i am not able to populate the string variable to the textbox in the mainpage.

I have set the textbox variable to CountryName in the OnCastNotify event.But the CountryName is not populated to the textbox.

Does anyone has idea on this?Is there any steps i miss out?


hi Lim,

Try to use Ajax Refresh widget on the Input Text widget (you must give a name to this widget) after assigning the variable.




Hi Johnson,

You need to Refresh the widget after assigning the countryname in Variable then assigned value  will reflect in textbox.



Thanks I Box and Shasi


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Ups!!! Johnson

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