Deploy a module with a REST API

I have created a module with an expose REST API. When you create the expose REST API, the name of the module is then integrated in the url, with the rest api name.

This module is then deployed to production and is working fine.

For a version upgrade I have renamed this module, and the corresponding url is also changed with the new module name. After deploing this to production, the new url is working fine.

But now I have discoverd that the old production url of the previous version is still available and working. This is not the case on our development environment. 

Where can I remove the old production URL, because I can't find a way in Service Center.

Hi Jan,

When your new version of the exposed REST API is deployedt, the old name url should not be accessible.

If the old production url of the previous version it's working might be due to one redirect done in your infrastructure or any other kind of approach, could you please check that?

That is not definitely an expected result with the OutSystems platform.

Hope it helps you.

Best regards.