Is it possible to acess the table rows "extended properties"?

I mean, i'd like to have some "onmouseover", "onmouseout" and "onmouseclick" properties set in each row of a table in order to highlight it as the mouse goes over them and/or clicks them.

Other option would be to press a button in a row and that would make an image in that same row appear (something like a magnifying glass on the right side of the row to press on, and that would make an arrow appear in the left side of the row, making that row 'selected'). I can achieve this effect with post backs but I would like it to be run on client side only.

Hope I made my self undestood

If anyone knows how, i'd be appreciated.

Nuno Freire
If anyones interested I used something like the following to access a table's rows, check for a value on it, and if it's the desired one, highlight the entire row.
As I couldn't find out the rows ID's introduced by Outsystems, I looped through all of them checking for a desired condition.

function HighlightRows(id) {
var table = document.getElementById('wtTableRecords_Employees');
var trs = table.getElementsByTagName('tr');
for (var i=1;i<trs.length;i++)
var tds = trs.item(i).getElementsByTagName('td');
var rowId;
if (document.all) rowId = tds.item(0).innerText;
else rowId = tds.item(0).textContent;
if (rowId==id) trs.item(i).bgColor='gold';
else if (i == 1 || i == 3 || i == 5 || i == 7 || i == 9) trs.item(i).bgColor='#ffffff';
else if (i == 2 || i == 4 || i == 6 || i == 8 || i == 10) trs.item(i).bgColor='#f6f6f6';