Beginner here.

I am currently building an app which uses an input parameter to fill a form.

What i want to do is have a combo dropdown box, which will change the form, based on the selection made.

I thus need to input parameter to change, and then ajax refresh the form.

I've got it working, if i navigate back to "current page" and refresh the whole page after the assign and ajax refresh, however i would like to run this without refreshing the whole page.

Is it possible to have a dynamic input parameter?

Hello Joseph

From what I understood from your issue, it looks like all your missing is to refresh the query feeding the Form. If navigating to the Current Page appears to be working, it means you are doing the correct changes, but they only appear on screen when you run the screen's preparation. Try implementing the refresh query widget and end the action with an End node instead of the CurrentPage Destination node.

I understand this sounds a bit vague, but if this doesn't solve your issue or if I understood it wrong, please attach the .oml or at least some print screens so I can understand your problem better


Ângelo Sousa


Could  you please be more specifiic what you want to do?
With a picture, it says more than 1000 words ;)

Hi, just a note here.

First, the information you provided is not enough to anyone give you a proper answer. We don't know if you're talking about web (most likely) or mobile, nor exactly what you want to accomplish, as when you say you want to change the form, you don't say in which way. Without knowing this, any answer will be a an exercise in guessing.

Said that, I would like to point a very important aspect of the platform, regarding forms, in web applications.

The form copy the data in the source record ONLY when the page is being loaded the first time (navigate to it is considered loading a first time, even if you are coming from the page itself).

If you refresh the form, with an ajax refresh or because of the page being refreshed after a submit, the form will NOT copy the data from the source again. Hence the data refresh being uselessbhere.

In those two situations, the only way to change form record fields values is through assign. If you assign a new record to the form record (or specific fields), when you refresh the form those new values will be used and the inputs will be updated.

In the case what you want is to make parts of the form appear or disappear, depending on the combo box selected value, the usual way of doing it is:

1. Put the area you want to control inside an IF. Give the IF a name. Set its condition. You can use a boolean variable here, for example. If the value is True, It shows the area, otherwise it hides it.

2. Set the combo box OnChange destination to a screen action.

3. In the screen action:

3.1 Define the new value for the boolean variable.

3.2 Ajax Refresh the IF widget.

This way you will that area appear or not depending or your condition. This can be expanded to show hide different areas of the form, depending on the selections.

Hope this helps.


Eduardo Jauch