Prevent Run Actions on Refresh page

Prevent Run Actions on Refresh page


I would like to know how to prevent run un action (that I had previously run) when I press refresh page or F5.

Ex: Update user name and them show the user, If i pressed F5 it will run the update again.

Thanks in advance
Hello Diogo,

I have a theory that I haven't confirmed but that you're welcome to :)

If you end the action with an external site instead of the end node I think you'll get the desired behavior.
Thank You André but has to exists another way. That doesn't seems the correct method.
More suggestions?
Hi Diogo,

Indeed there are other ways (e.g. using a session variable to act as a semaphore) but for now the suggestion proposed by Andre might be the cleanest. For your information there is already a requirement to include this behavior in the platform in a future release.


Sorry André. :)

Thank you


Hi guys,


Just wanted to add that if you use Ajax with version 4.2, not only it becomes more usable but you do also avoid the reported misbehavior.


In a nutshell: change your Screen Action, "OnClick->Method" property to "Submit". Edit the action to add the necessary "Ajax Refresh".




Carlos Alves

Sorry, I meant "Ajax" instead of "Submit" in the "OnClick->Method" property.





Hello Diogo,

Besides the ajax solution, there is another basic solution to this. Just use the Built-in action IsLoadingScreen().

In the preparation, you check if IsLoadingScreen returns True. If it does, the screen is loading, so you can execute the action. If IsLoadingScreen returns false, the screen is just being refreshed, so then you don't execute the action.


I tried your suggestion. Now when the user tries to Refresh the form, this message appears:

"To display this page, Firefox must send information that will repeat any action (such as a search or order confirmation) that was performed earlier."

If the user is not sure what this means and clicks on "Resend" then the action gets re-performed (in my app, extra records get created). I think it would be better if it did nothing.
Vaughn Seward