Disable a single line in Editable Table

Hi everyone,

If I have an editable table with more than one line and I want to disable one specific line - in other words I don't want to be able to edit any of its fields or see the pop up for the line when I click on it.

Is this possible?

PS: If it is not possible for me to disable the line, is it at least possible for me to perform some sort of validation when I click on the line before the above illustrated pop up is displayed?



What is the condition for disabling the row?

The best I've managed to do is change the OnTableRowSave Action... testing an incoming parameter.

If the test is true then the Action ends.

Another thought was to handle this client-side via Javascript but the tools in OS for Web are few and difficult to work with.  I've managed to hide the ControlAction div - that popup - and then "auto-click" the Cancel Link... but it's just not pretty.

It would be nice if there was a Client-side TableRow event - onDrawRow - where we could test for a condition and disable that row... but I can't see that anything like that exists.


Just a thought. Couldn't you add an If to each column. With the true condition containing an expression and the false containing an input field. That way if your expression is validated the line becomes read only.

Doesn't solve the delete, add buttons etc, but its worked well for me.