is it possible to achieve a third to fourth level sub menu without using javascript, if it is then how?

Hello Alleeennnn.

I've had a look at the Dynamic Menus forge component, and it seems to suit your needs. When you open that module, you can see how to build multi-level menus on the preparation of the screens. Here's one example:

It works by creating a list of the Menu records. Each Menu has a Level, Name and URL. You will find the values in each of the assign nodes above. The if node in the code above seems to be simply a decoration on the code to denote nesting, much like indentation would work for a text-based code.

The record list of Menu structures needs to be fed to a web block, and you can choose 4 types of web blocks: Bullet_List_Accordion_Menu, HorizontalMenu, HorizontalMenuType2 and Ipod_Menu_Style. You don't need to write javascript, because these web blocks take care of that for you.


The current implementation of the RichWidgets dropdown menu has issues with nested menus. There's a fix (JavaScript snippet) that can be used to solve this problem, available in the following post: