Board similar to the trello.

I'm wanting to do something very similar to the trello to keep track of my issues .. Some recommendation or there is some wiget that I could use and make it easier.

Thank you very much

Hello Emmanuel,

You can look into Forge to see if there is any application or component similar to Trello. But I don't know any.
Trello is a very complex app, and so, if you want to create something siilar, you probably will have to do it yourself.

As a "base", you can take a look into OnTrack, for example, and adapt it to your needs.
I know there are other applications on Forge that may be usefull or even be what you need. But you have really to explore it :)

Eduardo Jauch

Hi Emmanuel, 

Take a look at this thread, I think it was similar to your requirement and there are some suggestions:

Scrum board is from J. It is a nice application.
The Track Project I don't know.