simple question here.  I have a CurrDate() loading todaysdate that I need to filter my query of data from on a date field. 

 I can do a (StartDate > Todaysdate and EndDate > Todaysdate)

but thats does not cover it if todays date is today.

so I need it to also have >=to Todaysdate.. I was tring <> and that was not giving me what I want.

can you tell me how to do           > and = to               < and = to


Hello Dan

As  you can see from the attached picture, you can do a <= using dates. One of two things might be causing you that error

1) Your start and end date are of data type Date Time. If this is the case, you can't compare the start and end dates. You can either change the dates to Date, or use CurrDateTime()

2) You are using the operands in the wrong order; it should be <=, not =<