Back Button Problem in Multi Step Forms

Back Button Problem in Multi Step Forms



I'm new to the outsystem community. 

I would like to build multi Step Forms with back and continue button between web Screens.
If I use the Back button on the second screen (second step) and jump back to the first web screen, the input I made on this page has disappeared. I use the navigation method within the button widget to navigate back into the first web screen. When I use the back button of the browser I come back to the input i made. I need exactly one such function.


Hi Tobias,

You can save the data to the server or session (don't save to the session if you have a lot of data or complex), and pass an ID when moving from one page to the other to be able to fetch the data.

You can create a button with the behaviour of the browser previous button (relying on the browser):

Best regards,

João Nobre

Hi João,

thank you for your quick great support. I tried it right away

It works almost perfectly. I have a save button on the second page, where I write data to the database. If I press this save-button and then press the back button, I first stay on the same page. Only if I press the back button again I return to the previous page. If I do not press the save button, I immediately come to the previous page.

Do I have to install a counter and pass to the history.back() function dynamically?
How could I do that or is there a smoother solution?

Hi again Tobias,

You are welcome. 

About the behaviour that your are describing is the same that you have by pressing the save button and the previous button of the browser.

Yes you can control by the counter, but you have to have in mind that using the back button can lead to problems, ex. if someone bookmark the page and access it directly.

Why you don't use a different approach, like the Wizard control from Silk Ui ?

Best regards,

João Nobre

Just to add, the Save button, if used with a submit, is reloading the page. When you press back, it go to it again because of it.

If you use ajax submit in the save, a back afterwards will immediately to the previous screen.

But as Joao pointed, using the back in these situations have lots of inconvenient.


Eduardo Jauch

Hi Eduardo , hi João 

thank you very much for your important hints.

I already use the wizard widget for a web application (see the picture).

What is easier with the Wizard ?, I have not found detailed documentation, except the Silk Page. I also did not understand the sentence "Usually supported by explicit button navigation to move forward and backward". Where are the Buttons?


With the wizard you don't have to move from page to page (you stay in the same page when moving from one wizard step to the other).

I found an example/demo of how to use the Wizard, on another OutSystems forum thread ( Look for the SumWizard.oml on Sami post. And note that it needs to be upgraded and references updated).

Best regards,

João Nobre

Thanks João and Eduardo. 

It is working fine now and thanks for the Explanation und
important hints.