Combo boxes : selecting the right value via the keyboard


I have a problem with the usage of combo-boxes selecting the right value by typing multiple characters...

Ex.: I have a list with 4 values 'Aa', 'Ab', 'Ba' and 'Bb'. As I want to select the value 'Ab' using the keyboard and I type A followed by B, the 'Ba'-value is selected.

In my applicaion the enduser has to select the right customer (+400) for which over 25% starts with a 'A'...

Has anyone a solution for this?
Hi Gerd,

In my opinion a good solution from an UI point of view would be the typical autocomplete options that appear as you type (as in the gmail contacts). This solution requires some javascripting.

I know some have been developed in outsystems, but I do not have one to provide myself. Ask around :).

Best Regards,

Daniel Lourenço
Hi Gerd,

The WidgetLibrary solution includes an AutoComplete control you might want to take a look into.

Tiago Simões