Pie chart onClick to filter a table


i have a pie chart to display the amount of times each category has been added to a table records, I would like to make the chart filter the table records by clicking on  a category in the pie chart and then filtering the table records to only show records that are of that category, is this possible? 


Hello Imraan

THe PieChart has a property called Clickable. Set it to True and set the OnClick screen action.

In the screen action, you can use the action DataPoint_GetClicked (from the Charts extension). It returns a value, of type DataPoint structure, with the information of the datapoint you clicked, that you can use to know the category and than change the value of the filter, reexecute the aggregate and refresh the UI.

Hope this helps.

Eduardo Jauch


What would the expression, for the filter, look like?

Hello Craig,

It is always better to ask a new question, and point to the questions you find, that are related.

Anyway, you can have a session variable to store the category clicked, and than data refresh the aggregate, with a filter like this:

Session.CategoryId = NullIdentifier() or YourEntity.CategoryId = Session.CategoryId

Was this you were asking?


Yes, thank you. Advice noted too.