Connection with a Port COM (Serial)

Connection with a Port COM (Serial)


Hi, I need to read the weight from a scale installed on a COM (Serial) port in an application developed in outsystems, someone did something similar or  have any idea how to enhance this conversation between application and peripherals in the machine??

Hi Guilherme,

Man... You are swimming in deep water, without safe devices... lol

OutSystems applications, being web applications, have some limitations.

One of them is that the app runs in a browser, for security reasons, basically prevents you from accessing the client machine (hardware included).

So, you will mostly NOT be able to access the com port directly from the OutSystems app.

I recommend reading this:

Basically, you will have to create a native app that will be able to connect to your app (websockets or webservice) and you will retrieve the info through it.

Maybe someone else knows an easier way, but I don't think so...

Anyway, good luck!


Eduardo Jauch

thanks man, i gonna study about this, i started my work with outsystems at 3 month ago and this is my first real difficult, i saw somenthing about uses a node.js aplication running in second plane on my client listening the COM port, and the aplication send the content for browser by a port, i'm so happy to know that i can have fast support in community, again, thanks


Guilherme Silva

Hi Guilherme,

I am doing a similar development, but from an android device.  Have you been successful in the integration?  My route that I am taking is Cordova plugins from a native app, but serial plugin integration seems more difficult that I expected.