Expand and colapse table record lines

Expand and colapse table record lines

Hi there. I'm trying to build a record table from a structure where you can click on a line and that line will expand and show some lines that before where hidden. It's a bit like some menu examples that oustsytems offers, you can call it a tree menu where you click on an option and the menu expands to show some more detailed options, but in this case applied on a record table. In this particular case i'll need 4 menu levels. I know this is done with javascript but unfortunetly by javascript skills are as low as a six year old...

Does anyone have any kind of suggestions?

Thanks in advance...
Hi João,
I am having the same problem that you had prevously with collapsing some rows of a table. I would like to know if you found the way to solve that problem, or if not, in which were your alternatives?

Thank you.

If i'm understanding your needs, probably what you need is to adapt the ajax widget "expand/colapse" filter example that comes in outsystems style guide. Check the filter section in Template_Customer List Screen if it helps you.

Ricardo Araújo