Scroll table

Hi! I'm trying to lock a record table header using css. I've looked at this example
Unfortunetly this solution puts the header in the scroll bar scope. Is there anyway to remove the scroll bar from the table header and just aply it to the table content?

Thanks in advance...
Hi João,

What you are trying to acheive is not simple, and I don't know of any way of doing it that supports both Firefox and Internet Explorer correctly (see as an example). My suggestion is to turn off the "Show Header" property for the tablerecord widget and draw your own header using a table with the correct column sizes outside of the tablerecord.

Hope it helps,
I thought about that already. The problem is that the table in question is being transposed through a javascript function to show up as a matrix. Actually the solution for that problem was also proposed by you. So i'm not sure if it is possible to remove the header (since the header is not the table header but a collumn). If it is could someone help me out and explain how?

Thanks for the help.

João Campos
Hi João,

I recommend that you do not use scrollable table bodies. The amount of javascritpt and browser dependencies that you get into will only compromise future project maintenance. Even if you use two different tables you will have a hard time synchronizing the header and table body columns.

If you still insist on that solution, I recommend you to ask for an HTML/Javascript specialist specifically for your project.
If it's a column you want to freeze while scrolling the rest of the table, you will need actually two tables: one for the column and the other for the data. Your HTML could be something like:

<div style="float:left">
table with the "headers" column </div>
<div style="float:left; width: 300px; overflow: auto;">
table with the data