Greetings. I am getting the following stack trace in the monitoring tab in ServiceCenter:

Searching for that specific exception, ThrowIfMaxHttpCollectionKeysExceeded, leads me to some pages stating that there is a key named MaxHttpCollectionKeys that needs to be configured in the web.config file of the application.

In what web.config file should I set that key? On the espace's config file? Will the value still be set if i republish the espace again? Or am I looking at the wrong solution?

I'm not sure about this but, in my opinion, it's more likely that the POST content on an user built app ("Argus", in this case) is not well constructed than that you need to change the web.config.

If you find that you really need to change the eSpaces' web.config, you'll need to use the Factory Configuration component, because, like you said, it reverts back to its original content when you publish.

I managed to fix the issue by changing the espace's web.config. The error was being raised on a popup, after calling the PopupEditor_Notify and PopupEditor_Close Actions, where the notification message is a text variable up to 500 chars. Shouldn't these two actions only post the message related to the PopupEditor_Notify call, or is there more data being sent around?