WidgetLibrary40 Languages

WidgetLibrary40 Languages


I'm Using WidgetLibrary40 (the most recent version) in a Portuguese installation and, as such, I want it to be displayed in portuguese (previous, next, all, none, etc.).

I investigated a bit, and realized that the WidgetLibrary40 eSpace that is provided with EnterpriseManager already has several language resource files, BUT these resource files are wrongly named (they are named WidgetLibraryLanguage.<lang>.resX instead of WidgetLibrary40Language.<lang>.resX).

Is there any reason for this? From my point of view, this will force me to change the widget library resources in order to work.

Best Regards,

Daniel Lourenço
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for spotting it. I have asked the maintenance team to update the published version.