How can I use shortcut always?


I am learning about outsystems platform and I have a few question. 

First is 

sometimes I can`t use shortcut so I had problem to learn outsystems platform.

for example, when I want to make the menu bar It just drag and drop the web screen,

but it changed to link even does not worked!

Second example is also about the shortcut.

When I want to create Aggregate to drag and drop the input parameter in Data tap,

it does not worked either. 


The problem is sometimes it does work well and sometimes does not work.

I want to know the reason why does this happening happen and is there any way to solve it? 

Hi Yooree,

I'm sorry you are having a bad experience. I would need more details to help on troubleshooting the problem.

I would like to share some useful documentation on Keyboard shortcuts and drag and drop.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Drag and Drop Shortcuts