How can I remove dots of Pie chart


I'm trying to remove dots of Pie chart but I wasn't able to find a way.

What I want is like this:

If it's impossible, this is also ok:

Please tell me how to do that or helpful documents.

Environment: PieChart Widget, ChartsMobile For version 10.0.702.0.



Hi Michihiko,

Those dots should not appear. Do you see them always, both on your device and in the emulator? If so, are you setting any advanced JSON on the chart? If not, can you create a sample eSpace that shows this specific problem only, so we can take a look what might be wrong?


Hi Kilian,

I found out that the cause was CSS coded by someone else before.

After I disabled specific CSS, the dots were disappeared.

I was thinking that the dots are visible by default. That's why I couldn't think of this possibility.

Thank you anyway!

Hi Michihiko,

I'm glad you found the cause. Happy coding :)