Hi All , Is there any way to administer whole language part of the multi lingual application ? For example a globally used application , if there is any additional attribute is added to an entity or a small text change is made which needs to displayed on a screen, then the general option is to translate in all language in the resource file and upload. Is there any way to create an admin screen so that the application translators can access and change the text or label without using the language resource file. Please advice

Hello Srinivas

Not that I know. First, you are mixing two things.

1. Interface labels and other texts (including literals) in the program can be managed by the Multilanguage system (only available in Web Applications).

2. Data translation must be completely managed by the program.

In either case, there is NO standard (or official) application that allows you to change translations "on the fly".

It is possible to create something for data translations, but not to interface translations, as the application must be compiled again to include the resources. At least officially.

Eduardo Jauch